À La Carte Dinner


Chickpea and chipotle hummus, crudités, flat bread 15.50€

100 gr Jabugo Bellota ham. & toasted bread with tomato 31€

Tomato salad, strawberries & seaweed with burratina 16.50€

Roasted eggplant, miso and honey dressing, watercress, red currants & pine nuts 15.50€

Watermelon and mint, feta cheese, olives and rocket leaves 15.50€           

Asparagus with quail’s eggs & pink grapefruit hollandaise 16.50€


Potato gnocchi’s, rocket pesto, dry tomato and Parmesan cheese 18€

Corvina with carrots stewed with fennel, emulsion of Codium seaweed 23€

Rice with artichoke and sobrasada 20€

Iberian special cut with mojo canarian sauce, fire roasted aubergine, yoghurt and mint 27€


White chocolate-yogurt soup with red fruits & lychee sorbet 10€

Passion fruit crème brûlée with cacao crumble 10€ 

Caramelized rice with milk, black cherry sorbet & soft pepper 10€

Ice creams and homemade sorbets 3.50€ /scoop

Should you suffer from a food allergy do not hesitate to ask a member of our team about the ingredients used in the preparation of your chosen dish. We are happy to modify the recipes according to your needs.


Dinner is served from 19:00 to 21:30 hours.

advance booking is requested.

A different menu every day.

Check our outside letter.


Poached egg | sauteed mushrooms | artichokes | Jabugo | fricassée

Fish carpaccio in its vinaigrette | pine nuts | green apple sorbet

Salsify cream | truffle | red mullet

Main courses

Sole meunière 2016

Sea bass | Black risotto trumpet | molinera sauce

Duo of lamb | aubergine caviar | rosemary sauce


Chocolate Textures Cas Xorc

Creme brulee passion fruit | coco | crumble

Our lemon Cas Xorc

National cheese dish

If you have any allergies or food intolerances do not hesitate to ask our staff about the ingredients in our menu.

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