Lunch menu


Grilled vegetables with guajillo chili salt, fresh tomato vinaigrette and pine nuts 16€

Beet root carpaccio, goat cheese, horseradish, hazelnuts and fresh herbs 15€

Salad of tomatoes, apricots and avocado with burratina cheese 15€

Fire-roasted aubergine, miso and honey dressing, pomegranate, watercress and pine nuts 14€

Salad of Bimi, Kale, figs and nuts with citrus seasoning of Ca’s Xorc lemons 14€

Watermelon and mint, feta cheese, olives and rocket leaves 14€


Angus steak, garlic and herb butter, confited potato and green salad 28€

Corvina, Mallorcan style; Parmentier, spinach, tomato, raisins, pine nuts and

marinated lemon 21€

Marinated chicken, pakchoi, plum an chili sauce 21€

Potato gnocchi’s, rocket pesto, dry tomato and Parmesan cheese 16€

Rigatoni with butter, garlic, bacon, spinach and Pecorino cheese 16€

Lobster rice with fresh herbs all i oli (min. 2 pax) 27€/p.P

Freechange chicken rice with vegetables 21€/p.P


Cottage cheese pudding, meringue and lime zest 9€

Cube of chocolate 72% cocoa with mint, almond, passion fruit and basil sorbet 9€

Lemon and melissa creme brulée 9€

Homemade Ice creams and sorbets 3€/scoop


Should you suffer from a food allergy do not hesitate to ask a member of our team about the ingredients used in the preparation of your chosen dish. We are happy to modify the recipes according to your needs.

Lunch is served daily from 1 pm-3.30 pm


To share

Baby Squids Andalusian way
Sausage from Navarra
Grilled green peppers
Potaoes with a spicy mayonaise 
Porkribs with BBQ sauce


Green salad, avocado & Jabugo Ham
Spinach cream with croutons and Santoña sardine
Caramelized fennel, goat cheese, sesame and dill
Ecological vegetables with Carbon oil

Main Courses

Beef cheeks with tagliolini
Catch of the day with vegetables

Paella (min. 2 pers.)

Lobster Paella
King Prawns, Iberian pork & mushrooms
with Monkfish and baby squids


Iced citrus fruits sorbets from Ca´s Xorc
Coffee and Mascarpone cheese emotion
Pistaccio cream with chocolate ice cream

If you suffer from any food allergy or intolerance, please ask our staff about the ingredients of our dishes.


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